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9th August - A Taste of Sparkling Wine


Champagne and Prosecco have solidified themselves at cult classics when it comes to sparkling wine. From steel vat delicate styles, all the way through to the heavy, bready, biscuity styles, we really are spoilt for choice. But there is a fascinating world out there of sparkling wines that simply don't get enough exposure. We aim to change that. Join us as we explore a truly unique selection of sparkling wines that properly exposes the incredible diversity of bubbles that are out there. 


16th August - 'All About Chardonnay' Tasting


Chardonnay, it's safe to say, has had a mixed past! Sadly a lot of poorly made examples during the 1980s really damaged the reputation of what is one of the true greats. This little beauty is responsible for some of the greatest ever wines; from blanc de blancs Champagne, Franciacorta, Chablis, Puligny-Montrachet, Californian worldies, I could go on! 

Join us along with our good friend Tomek Mikulin from Castelnau Wine Agencies as we explore his and our favourite examples of this incredible grape. 


30th August - An Evening of Franco-Germanic Varietals


It's no secret in the wine trade that the grapes of Alsace and Germany have some of the most misconstrued reputations of all varieties, but for those who know, these very same grapes produce some of the world's greatest wines. So it's non surprise that other countries have attempted, and extremely successfully, to replicate these wines. Think Clare Valley Riesling, Oregon Gewurztraminer, Mosel Sylvaner, Alsace Pinot Noir... our mouths are already watering! Join us as we explore some of the world's greatest examples of Franco-Germanic grape varieties.  


6th September - A Taste of Argentina


For those who have kept an eye on the wine industry over the past 10 years, Argentina has become a powerhouse when it comes to New World wine, with Malbec being their icon wine. But this huge country, through its vast diversity of climates, altitudes and soils, is home to an incredible variety of wines. 

Join our good friend Pierre for an evening of some of his favourite hidden treasures of Argentina. 


4th October - A Taste of Malbec


Malbec has become one of the most popular wines over the past few years, especially those from Argentina. sadly though in the current market, other fantastic examples of this grape are all but forgotten. Even those inside Argentina but outside the main region of Mendoza don't get the admiration they deserve. 

Let's change that.

Join us as we showcase our favourite Malbecs from around the world!


11th October - An Evening with Babylon's Peak and Elgin, South Africa



Babylon's Peak private cellar is nestled on the slopes of the Paardeberg, between Malmesbury and Paarl. The cellar is built on the farm Nooitgedacht, which has belonged to the Basson family for four generations. The name 'Babylon's Peak' is derived from a very high granite peak on the farm, known to the locals as 'Babylonstoren'.

Wines were made in the old cellar until 1948, when the farmers in the region got together to form a cooperative. But in the early 2000s, Stephan Basson decided to renovate the cellar and realise a dream by producing wine there again.

'I am convinced that Chenin Blanc and Shiraz are the icon cultivars of the Paardeberg,' says Stephan, so it's not surprising that for three consecutive harvest years – 2007, 2008 and 2009 – Babylon's Peak has won a Veritas gold award for its Chenin Blanc.

Babylon's Peak also focuses on typical Rhône-style cultivars such as Mourvédre, Grenache and Viognier.


lgin Vintner's single biggest advantage is the biodiversity of their vineyards which is spread over a radius of 12km with an unrivalled spectrum of terroir, fertile soils, aspects, altitudes and meso-climates. Aided by the cool Elgin Valley climate, Elgin Vintners strives for vineyards with a perfect balance and an ideal crop load-to-leaf ratio, yielding grapes that reach physiological and phenolic ripeness simultaneously. It is the blend of these essential elements that contributes to the fine quality of the wines from this region.

Through careful selection of the grapes from a variety of unique vineyards, Elgin Vintners is able to maximise the complexity and character for each individual wine.

Join us for a wonderful evening exploring their portfolios.


18th October - Treasures of Hungary


Like all wine-producing countries in Eastern Europe (and there are many), Hungary is still in the throes of restructuring its wine business in the post-communist era. Ask anyone to name a Hungarian wine and they will scratch around mentally and come up with Bull's Blood, the exotically named chunky red that has long defined the nation's viniculture. Since the turn of the century, local varieties have been re-established as the native wine scene burgeons with the help of western expertise.

Join us as we explore some of these indigenous varietals that have so long been a mystery to the UK wine scene. 


25th October - An Evening with Vincent from Patriarche, Burgundy


Jean-Baptiste Patriarche was a school teacher in the village of Savigny a few kilometres from Beaune. In the 1770's he established a wine merchant business there, moving into Beaune in 1780 when church and state property was seized and sold off during the Revolution. He bought a former convent, that of the nuns of the Order of the Visitation, and the wine business that bears his name is still there today, visited by thousands of vinous pilgrims every year. The winery boasts the most extensive cellars in the Burgundy region with "caves" that extend for five kilometres under the streets of Beaune and which contain thousands of bottles of fine wine from the company's long and distinguished history.

The ownership of the business has only passed through a handful of families since his time and was built up to its present importance by the Boisseaux family post World War II. It is now a part of the Castel Group who are Bordeaux-based, but the management of the Burgundy business is still in Beaune.

Patriarche has upped their game in the classic appellations in recent vintages, winning a string of gold and silver medals in Decanter World Wine Awards, IWC and IWSC as the investment in buying better wine and better oak barrels, and working more closely with a few top estates continues to pay off.

Join us for a very, very special evening as we look through a selection from Patriarche's portfolio.